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Strategy for the Internationalization

International Relations Office

Current academic activities at the University of Belgrade, particularly those related to science, technology and research, take place within an internationalized context.

The University of Belgrade engages in considerable activity at the international scene regarding teaching, research and faculty / students exchange, i.e. taking part in the international mobility programmes for faculty / students in the European Higher Education Area. However, the University should invest further effort toward internationalization with the prospective of becoming more visible and competitive at the international academic stage.

Saying this, I also have in mind the fact that the demographic figures in Serbia show a decreasing trend and that realistic prognoses point to a diminishing number of students in the future, therefore it is necessary to compensate for it by attracting more foreign students.

Our goal, thus, must be to achieve as high level of internationalization as possible in all areas of work at the University of Belgrade.

In order to tackle the challenges that internationalization poses, the University of Belgrade necessitates an institutional strategy with a long term vision, that would involve the entire academic community working and studying at the University.

The International Relations Office has the responsibility to promote internationalization and will certainly play a key role in its implementation; however, it can only prove successful if the entire academic community will support changes required by the internationalization process. These entail changes in numerous regulations, procedures and academic culture, but also demand funds and support to the faculty, administration and services so that they could face and carry out the necessary changes.

The principal outline and directions of such strategy are laid out in the document in front of you.

Our aim has been to define the key strategic directions of the University of Belgrade's international policy to be implemented in the imminent future.

The document is far from perfect and complete, so we will welcome criticism and suggestions that we shall include in the Action Plan to be made following the adoption of the Strategy. Please take into consideration that, of all legal documents that we have had up to now, this one is the very first to deal with the University's international cooperation.

Strategy for the Internalization of the University of Belgrade