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The University Endowments and Funds

There is a long tradition of endowing properties and funds in Serbia. Many distinguished and affluent Serbs have endowed their properties to the University of Belgrade.

According to records dating back to December 1939, the University disposed of 75 endowments and funds. The common aim of these endowments and funds was to reward specialist and scientific work of students, aid hard-up students and student institutions, award scholarships for special scientific purposes and fulfill the needs of the University. The oldest registered fund was intended for the Botanic Garden, built in 1890.

During the World War I the property endowed to the University suffered a great damage – many buildings were demolished, others lost in value, while the funds ran out because of devalorization. For a long time after the World War I the University was not entitled to dispose of its endowments and funds.

Since 1997, consistent with the current norms and regulations, the University has restored the work of 11 endowments and 3 funds and is still making effort to reclaim them.

The following endowments and funds resumed their work:

  • The Endowment of Ljubica Zdravković
  • The Endowment of Milan and Rade Vukičević
  • The Endowment of Dragoljub Marinković
  • The Endowment of Gliša and Marija Rakić
  • The Fund of Olga and Milan Panić
  • The Endowment of Živan Gašić
  • The Fund of Milan Stevanović Smederevac
  • The Endowment of Vlajko Kalinić
  • The Endowment of Luka Ćelović Trebinjac
  • The Endowment of Milivoje Jovanović and Luka Ćelović
  • The Endowment of Veselin Lučić
  • The Endowment of Đoka Vlajković
  • The Endowment of Svetozar and MagdalenaVidaković

The tradition of endowing properties and funds has been carried on and the University constituted a few more funds for awarding scholarships. These are: the Fund of Sister Bulajić, the Funds of Ljubica Vojteh Dragićević and Nikola Dragićević, the Legacy of Danica and Ivan Feofilaktov, and the Legacy of Kosta Migrić to the University of Belgrade.

At a conference held on June 12, 1996, the University Council issued a Resolution on establishing the Foundation for improving the young university scholars' housing conditions, for the sake of better living and working conditions and adequate engagement in scientific and teaching activities.