Faculty of Security Studies

Faculty of Security Studies

Phone number 1: +381 11 6451 843

Phone number 2: +381 11 6451 858

Fax: +381 11 6457 685

Website: www.fb.bg.ac.rs

Е-mail: dekanat@fb.bg.ac.rs

Address: 50 Gospodara Vučića Street, Belgrade

Dean: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Cvetković

The Faculty of Security Studies is a graduate-level member institution of the University of Belgrade and belongs to the group of the humanities faculties. By its syllabus and curriculum, the Faculty covers interrelated philosophical, sociological, political, legal, economic, psychological, ethical, humanitarian, civilian-military, and other aspects of the security studies, human and social resources, defense, civil defense and environment protection. Within its core activity – the security studies, the Faculty offers basic academic and undergraduate studies, Master degree studies, doctoral, and specialist undergraduate studies, as well as professional training and education. The Faculty carries out basic scholarly, applied and development research and has been accredited as a scholarly institution by the Ministry for Science and Environment of the Republic of Serbia.

Catalogue of Master study programs

Catalogue of Doctoral and Specialist study programs