Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Geography

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Website: www.gef.bg.ac.rs

Е-mail: dekanat@gef.bg.ac.rs

Address: 3/III Studentski trg, Belgrade

Dean: Prof. Dr. Velimir Šećerov

The establishment of the Geographical Institute as part of the Belgrade Higher School back in the 1893, can be considered as the beginning of the development of scientific geography in Serbia. Thanks to, first of all Jovan Cvijić and his scholars, the Serbian geographical school strongly affirmed and had the prominent, and in some ways even leading place, in European and World scale. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Geography at Belgrade and the Belgrade geographical school have the leading role in the development of scientific geography and application of scientific results in various areas of social practices, such as spatial planning, urban planning, rural planning, protection and improvement of environment and others.

The main activitiesof the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade are higher education and scientific research, which are being part of national and international, especially european educational and scientific scale. Educational and scientific work at the Faculty of Geography are organized and conducted in a manner determined by the Statute of the Faculty and in accordance with the laws governing higher education and scientific research activities in the Republic of Serbia.

Faculty of Geography at Belgrade performes basic academic and vocational studies at three degrees: Studies of the first degree - basic academic studies which last four years (240 ECTS credits). Studies of the second degree (master degree) - graduate studies last one year (60 ECTS credits). These two levels of studies (undergraduate and graduate academic) at the Faculty of Geography at Belgrade have in the sum 300 ECTS credits (last 5 years). Studies of the third degree - the doctoral studies last for three years and have 180 ECTS credits.

Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, performs scientific activity as an equal part of its overall activities. Scientific work is carried out through basic, applied and development researchs in order to develop a scientific and professional skills, improve the quality of teaching, scientific and professional training, development of scientific and teaching young researchers’ staff, introducing students to scientific work and creation of material conditions for work and Faculty development.

Faculty of Geography at Belgrade organizes and conductes studies during the school year that begins on 1st October and last for 12 calendar months. On the Faculty of Geography the school year is divided into two semesters, each lasting 15 weeks (fall and spring semester). Teaching of all subjects are organized and conducted during one semester. All other details related to the mode of study are determined by the Statute of the Faculty.

Faculty of Geography at Belgrade organizes and conductes its studies in Serbian. Also, organizes and implements studies, or certain parts of the study ( i.e. Allows one to submit and defend a doctoral dissertation) in the minority language or in a foreign language in accordance with the Statute. Faculty of Geography organizes the studies through direct contact with students (direct instruction) and organizes studies and study programs at a distance.

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