Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture

Phone number 1: +381 11 2615 315

Phone number 2: +381 11 2612 664

Fax: +381 11 2193 659

Website: www.agrif.bg.ac.rs

Е-mail: office@agrif.bg.ac.rs

Address: 6 Nemanjina Street, Zemun

Dean: Prof. Dr. Dušan Živković

Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1919 as one of the six faculties of the University of Belgrade. Faculty got its own building in Zemun in 1932, where is still located. After World War II, the Faculty had very intensive development and reached the level of the first higher education institution of its kind in the country for education of students in all agricultural branches. Since its foundation in 1919 about 15.600 students have gained BS degree, 866 MS degree and 699 PhD degrees. The enrolment of students is up to 1.000 students per year, 370 students graduate, 30 receive MS degree and 20 receive PhD degrees, annually. The teaching and research activities involved 71 full professor, 52 Associate professors, 36 assistant professor, 1 senior lecturer, 4 teachers of foreign languages, 66 assistants, 32 assistants and 17 interns in the teaching staff, 140 professional and technical staff.

The Faculty's professional departments have 55 employees. Faculty of Agriculture is educational and scientific institution and covers educational and scientific/research activities in the area of farming, fruit growing and viticulture, livestock, soil management, crop protection and food products, agricultural techniques, food technology and biochemistry and agroeconomics.

Faculty conducts classes (lectures, exercises, professional practices and other forms of teaching), in its frame of educational activity, in compliance with the curriculum for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, also conducts knowledge tests (exams, tests etc..), additional training and professional examinations for people with diploma of academic studies in this area of education.

Faculty independently and in collaboration with other organizations performs scientific research and professional activities through basic, applied and developmental research, studies and projects, engineering, expertise, consulting, certificates, licenses, certificates and control in all areas of agricultural production and food technology.

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