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Information Center

Phone number 1: +381 11 3207 460

Phone number 2: +381 11 3207 461

E-mail: icub@rect.bg.ac.rs

Address: 1 Studentski trg, Belgrade

The Belgrade University Information Center was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing an integrative information service at the University level. The activity of the IC is aimed at stimulating and upgrading the level of communication among the members of Belgrade University through dissemination of relevant information within the University community but also at developing new forms of communication between the University and its broader environment. Through these activities the IC becomes an important integrative factor in the functioning of the University and contributes to the strengthening of the role of the University in the society.

The main task of the IC is to incite, support and overview the development of the intranet and internet functions. The intranet function pertains to the information interchange within Belgrade University, with an emphasis on the information interchange between the University Rectorate and University members, but also between faculties, institutes and centers that belong to Belgrade University. The internet function pertains to the information exchange between the University and its environment, more specifically to making information related to the University readily available to institutions and individuals beyond the University, primarily through the University web site. At the core of both functions is an integration of information resources of importance for the University as a whole and for its particular members.

Besides taking care of the development of the University intranet and website, the task of the IC is to provide other services at the University level, such as electronic publishing, digital libraries, distance learning and implementation of international standards. These services strongly rely on Human Language Technologies and language resources, in particular on the development of (multilingual) terminology databases and thesauri, which are necessary in the processes of translation, text retrieval, textbook analysis etc.

It`s integrative function in the field of communication and information exchange on Belgrade University the IC realizes in close cooperation with other relevant institutions operating at the University level, such as the University Computer Center and the University Library.