Language policy

English is one of the two required foreign languages which children in Serbia start learning at primary schools and continue with throughout their high school education. English language also constitutes an integral part of higher education study program curricula across the University of Belgrade. Further to this, many member institutions of the University of Belgrade arrange special financial conditions and opportunities for their students to take language courses and language assessment tests at various foreign cultural centers working in Serbia (e.g. British Council, Institute Cervantes, Goethe Institute, Confucius Institute etc.).

UB - Faculty of Philology offers language assessment to all students of the University of Belgrade in 34 foreign languages that are taught at UB - Faculty of Philology.

As of 2017, the University of Belgrade, together with its Faculty of Philology, Department for English Language, initiated a project on providing all of its academic and administrative staff with free courses of the English language.

The staff of the central UB IRO offers assistance to incoming candidates in fluent English and six other major European languages.

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