King Baudouin Foundation


The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) is a public benefit foundation in Brussels, Belgium, established in 1976.

Named after Baudouin of Belgium, Belgium's late head of state, its mission is to contribute to improving the living conditions of the population. KBF, both a grant making and an operating foundation, is a spur for change. It encourages original thinking, explores solutions and launches innovative development projects to solve issues facing society today.

To optimize its impact and its visibility, KBF currently concentrates its unrestricted resources on four programs:

  • Social Justice
  • Civil Society
  • Health
  • Contemporary Philanthropy

These programs make use of a wide variety of methods: bringing together the finest minds in the world, funding cutting-edge research, organizing conferences, networking, and offering both project support and structural financing for organizations.

Drawing on its extensive knowledge and expertise, KBF advises individuals and corporations wishing to become actively involved in the communities where they live or operate. KBF is also dedicated to improving the environment of cross-border philanthropy in Europe. It is a partner of Transnational Giving Europe, a network of foundations that offer tax efficient solutions to donors wishing to support non-profit organizations in other European countries. Its Giving in Europe website provides solutions to the specific situations faced by European donors when the donor is resident and/or his or her assets are located in a European country that differs from the country of the beneficiary organization.