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Center for Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Centre for Lifelong Learning is an organizational unit at the University of Belgrade, created to further improve and promote the system of lifelong learning, as well as provide support to individuals interested in further education and expert training. The Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Belgrade was established on November 15, 2011, by a decision of the University Council.

The key activities of the Centre are:

  • development of the system of lifelong learning at the University of Belgrade
  • coordination of the work of centers for lifelong learning at the faculties that belong to the University of Belgrade
  • providing information about programs and courses in the field of lifelong learning
  • counseling for individuals interested in lifelong learning programs
  • promotion of the idea of lifelong learning and the promotion of lifelong learning courses in the public
  • research in the field of lifelong learning services (the needs of potential clients, etc.)
  • participation in the international system of lifelong learning and cooperation with international projects in this field
  • establishment of academic, scientific and expert cooperation with other institutions in the country and abroad engaged in lifelong learning.

The Council of the Centre for Lifelong Learning is in charge of monitoring the work of the Centre.

The Rector of the University of Belgrade appoints one of the Vice Rectors as the President of the Council.

The Council consists of the appointed Vice Rector, and one representative of each Academic Council at the University o Belgrade.

The President of the Council manages the work of the Council and is in charge of the implementation of its decisions.

Address:1 Studentski trg, Belgrade

Phone number:+381 11 3207 466

Working hours:08.30 - 16.00; Monday to Friday

President of the Council:
prof. dr. Nada Kovačević

Acting director:
Jasmina Krajinović-Jokić