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Advanced Data Analytics

The graduate study program (Master study program) Advanced Data Analytics focuses on the broad study area of quantitative sciences (mathematics, statistics, computing, information sciences, or a combination of some of these fields), stressing integration of these areas in analyzing different kinds of data and large volumes of data. It is designed for students with different backgrounds. The program has in its offer several courses related to mathematical foundations of data analytics, as well as several courses related to computer science and computing tools used in data analytics. In addition, several courses cover application of data analytics in different domains, like social and medical sciences.

The purpose of the graduate study program Advanced Data Analytics is specialization in data analytics, primarily for students who have already completed their BSc studies in a quantitative discipline, but also for students with backgrounds in other disciplines. The total number of ECTS credits for this 3-semester study program is 90. All courses in this study program are one-semester courses. The curriculum includes 23 elective courses, mandatory internship, qualification paper (term paper) and master thesis. Courses are worth 6-10 ECTS credits, the qualification paper 5 ECTS credits, internship 3 ECTS credits, and master thesis 10 ECTS credits.

The need for this study program comes from a higher demand (world-wide, but also in Serbia and in the region) for experts in data analytics in different fields who can intensively use current data analytics technologies in their work. Job offers, marketplace flow, as well as trends in economy, society, public administration bodies, and other public institutions, undoubtedly point to that fact.

By defending his/her master thesis, the candidate receives the academic title of Master of Data Analysis. The program is offered both in Serbian and in English.

Official Website of the study program:

Interdisciplinary study program Advanced Data Analytics - details

Program board members

Head: Dr Vladan Devedžić, Professor

Phone: +381 11 3950 918