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PhD Studies

The University of Belgrade organizes academic PhD studies, aimed at training candidates for independent research, whilst providing the highest level of education.

The PhD study programmes are taught on the basis of an accredited programme of study which can be from any scientific field within one or more sciences – educational fields. Part of the PhD study programme can be taken in cooperation with one or more institutes within the host University.

The general requirements for admission for PhD studies are issued by the Law on Higher Education, the University regulations, the general acts of the University, and the detailed requirements issued by the study programme in accordance with the Standards of Accreditation of PhD study programmes.

PhD academic studies last for a minimum of 3 years. On the completion of the programme of study, the minimum ECTS credits awarded will be at least 180.

A PhD dissertation is the final part of the programme of study. It consists of an independent and original piece of research, which must be completed in the relevant field or several fields of science. Students are entitled to hand in their dissertation once they have met the set requirements and have passed the examinations issued by the programme of study. The right to hand in a PhD dissertation also gives the person the right to acquire the title of ‘Master of Science’ under the Law of Higher Education regulations in force before the year 2005.

Person who defends doctoral thesis is awarded the title "PhD" in the appropriate scientific field. The promotion of PhD candidate is a ceremony, in which the Rector of the University publicly declares the candidate who defended doctoral thesis as PhD in the appropriate scientific field.