The Statutory Issues Committee

The Statutory Issues Committee is an expert and advisory body of the Senate, Council and Rector. The Committee has its president and two members appointed by the Senate from the rank of lecturers, one member from the rank of lecturers appointed by the Council of Faculty groups and one member from the rank of students appointed by the Student Parliament of the University.

Statutory Issues Committee monitors the application of the Statute and other general acts of the University; informs the Rector, the Senate and the Council of the cases where the Statute wasn’t being honored; gives an opinion in preparation of general regulations of the University and its members; gives an opinion on the compatibility of the higher education units within the University with the University statute.

Secretary General of the University takes part in the work of the Board for Statutory Issues, without the right to decide. The Board for Statutory Issues at least once a year reports on its work to the Senate.