Professional Boards

Professional Boards are appointed in order to adopt decisions and state opinion on the election of teaching staff, as well as give the required University approval to decisions reached at Faculties.

The Professional Board members are representatives of the University Faculties and Institutes from the ranks of full professors or scientific advisors respectively. The number and the scope of activities, their constitution and the number of members of these Boards are defined by the regulations enacted by the University Senate.

The members of the Professional Boards are elected for a two-year term of office.

The Professional Board:

  • decides on the election of (senior) lecturers and associate professors at the proposal of the Elective Council of the respective Faculty,
  • gives its opinion to the University Senate on the proposal of the Elective Council for the election of full professors,
  • accepts the doctoral thesis proposal registered at a Faculty,
  • accepts the report on the finished doctoral thesis that is defended at a Faculty.