The Council of Multidisciplinary Studies

The Council of Multidisciplinary Studies comprises representatives of the Council of the Groups of Faculties, Council of Institutes, Program Councils for Studies and a Vice-Rector as President.

The Senate forms the Program Council for each Multidisciplinary Studies Program at the University.

Members of the Council of Multidisciplinary Studies have a three-year term of office.

The Council of Multidisciplinary Studies shall:

  • propose multidisciplinary studies program to the Senate;
  • form the list of teachers who will implement multidisciplinary studies program in an academic year;
  • propose to the Senate the conditions of the open call for enrolling into multidisciplinary studies and the number of students that the University shall accept;
  • organize and perform enrollment procedure;
  • propose the amount of tuition fees to the Senate;
  • appoint the Committee for the evaluation of candidates’ eligibility and the themes of doctoral thesis for the study program of multidisciplinary studies;
  • appoint the Committee for the examination and evaluation of doctoral thesis at multidisciplinary studies program;
  • appoint the Committee for writing reports about candidates for the election into teaching title at multidisciplinary studies program at the University;
  • perform other functions of an expert body related to the implementation of multidisciplinary studies program;
  • perform other functions determined by the Statute.