Council of Institutes

The Council of Institutes is represented by the directors and by one member of each institute within the University of Belgrade, as well as a representative of the Council of the Groups of Faculties.

The Members’ term of office is three years.

President of the Council:
Milan Dabović, PhD

Vice President of Council:
Branka Vasiljević, PhD

Secretary of the Council:
Jasmina Krajinović-Jokić

The Council shall:

  • elect president and vice-president, at the Rector’s proposal;
  • elect the institute representatives in the Senate;
  • propose to the Senate the conditions and the manner of performing lectures at doctoral studies level, by the persons elected in the appropriate scientific degree in the manner and according to the legal procedure which regulates the scientific research area;
  • in coordination with the Rector, propose to the Senate the development strategy of a part of scientific research filed of the University;
  • consider the coordination of the scientific research work performed at the institutes and among the institutes and faculties;
  • consider other issues in accordance with the law which regulates the scientific research work and this Statute.