Councils of Faculty Groups

The University of Belgrade has the following Academic Councils of the related Faculties and Institutes that are parts of the University:

  • Academic Council of Social and Humanistic Sciences
  • Academic Council of Medical Sciences
  • Academic Council of Sciences and Mathematics
  • Academic Council of Technical Sciences

Members of the Councils are full professors of respective Faculties and scientific advisors of respective Institutes of each group.

The number of members and the structure of Councils of Faculty Groups, along with the scope of activities, Council work management and the term of office of its members are determined by the regulations enacted by the University Senate.

Academic Councils of Groups of Faculties prepare respective Faculties’ curricula proposals that need to be approved by the University Senate; state its opinion to the University Senate on the competence of the respective Faculties; establish the criteria and measures for providing quality study programs and scientific research within the Group; perform other duties determined by the general University acts.