The University Council

The Council members’ term of office is three years except for the student representatives of the Council, whose term of office is one year.

The Councils of Faculty groups shall elect 20 members of the Council in the following way:

  • The Council of the Social Sciences and Humanities group: 5 members
  • The Council of the Medical Sciences group: 4 members
  • The Council of the Sciences and Mathematics group: 4 members
  • The Council of the Technical and Technological Sciences group: 7 members

The Council of Institutes shall elect one member.
One Faculty, or Institute may have only one candidate who is a member of the Council.

The University Council has its President and Vice President. The President is normally the Chairperson, and shall be elected from the members of the Council who are the University representatives. The President and the Vice President shall be elected by the Council by the majority of vote in a secret ballot.

The University Council passes the University Statute, appoints and dismisses vice-rectors, passes the financial plan of the University, adopts business reports and the annual budget of the University, approves the decision of the asset management of the University, as well as the distribution of financial resources and performs other duties in accordance with the law and the Statute.
The University Council activities and the decision-making policy are further defined by the Book of rules.